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Good news from Red Hen press.  They will publish Frederick Feirstein's new book Time's Refugee later this year.  There are also plans to re-release his previous nine titles.  From Grolier Press will come an anniversary edition of Manhattan Carnival with a new introduction by Frederick Turner.  And word has it that Uprising, Fred's musical, will finally be done in Poland this year, this despite last year's cancellation of what the government there called "Jewish projects".   Uprising is a magnificent work, a love story set in the Warsaw Uprising, and ought to be seen on Broadway as well as in Poland.  The Webmaster saw a moving version of this play at Nassau Community College some years back and wondered why it wasn't taken seriously by New York producers then.  Maybe now...Frederick Feirstein is one of the co-founders of the Expansive Poetry movement.

Sorry, no rumors or gossip this time. 



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