A Journal of Contemporary Arts 




       Claudia Gary:  Song As Conversation

       Joseph S. Salemi:  New Directions Or Deviations?



        Joseph S. Salemi:  The Chattering Chatrooms

         Sally Cook:  The Ninety-Nine Animals

         Michael Curtis on the Song and its Lyrics

 Joseph S. Salemi: Stupidity's Hothouse 

 Joseph S. Salemi:  To Sit In Judgment

         Joseph S. Salemi:  Thoughts On Southborough

         Joseph S. Salemi:  Too Many Radio Announcers

         Joseph S. Salemi:  The Monster Approaches

         Joseph S. Salemi:  The Importance Of Not Being Earnest

         Joseph S. Salemi Lecture, Society of Classical Poets, June 17, 2019

 Joseph S. Salemi: Screw The Moralists


Essays on Classic Writers & Poets

     Joseph S. Salemi on Arthur Hugh Clough

          Joseph S. Salemi on Thomas Gray

         Joseph S. Salemi on Dr. Samuel Johnson: The Poetry of a Prose Stylist  

         Joseph S. Salemi on Rudyard Kipling and the Language of Manhood

          Joseph S. Salemi on Edgar Allan Poe

        Joseph S. Salemi on The Brilliance of Alexander Pope

        Joseph S. Salemi on The Savagery of John Skelton

         Joseph S. Salemi on Algernon Charles Swinburne, poet of pain and pleasure  

    Sally Cook on John Whitworth


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