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FALL 2022

Fall comes to Brooklyn in times of increasing doubt, not to mention dismay, at a world convulsed by war, ensuing shortages, the threat of a major recession during a year of inflation, and, rising up through the rhetoric, more terrible dangers.  But the season is also arriving in its usual manner, with cooler,  shorter days, the last, fading gardens of summer, children back in schools, politicians and voters in this year's cycle of debate and temporary resolution.  Warming the temperature a little, the march of Aaron Judge in one of the most extravagant seasons since baseball became a truly national sport in 1947. For those in the ruins of Fort Myers Beach and the barrier islands, however, fall 2022 is the cruelest season in a decade.  We should all pray for them, and contribute to gofundme's for those facing a difficult rebuilding in the next year. 

This "season of mists and mellow fruitfulness", we have poems by Bruce Bennett, Susan Bryant, Sally Cook, Michael Curtis, Steven Duplij, E.S. Frese, jr., Claudia Gary,  Webmaster Arthur Mortensen, Brian Palmer, Carolyn Raphael, Joseph S. Salemi, Jan Schreiber, Charles Southerland, and a special contribution from Frederick Turner -- a three-canto excerpt from his new longpoem Turn Again.  Baseball parody poet laureate Gary LaPointe has offered commentary on the pursuit of Roger Maris's American league home run record, but hasn't provided poems.  Dr. Salemi, in addition to new poems, offers an essay on talking about, rather than writing, new poems.

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