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fall 2023

With peace in the Mideast and Ukraine still outside current imagination, this fall is a highly stressed season, filled with appalling imagery and news, not to mention genuine trepidations about a wider war. We try to offer  views and work expanded beyond media focus on one disturbing story.   

Poems this month are from C.B. Anderson, Bruce Bennett, Susan Jarvis Bryant, Ted Charnley. Sally Cook, Robert Darling, Steven Duplij, Claudia Gary, Andrea Kibel, Arthur Mortensen, Brian Palmer, Carolyn Raphael, David Rothman, Joseph S. Salemi, Jan Schreiber, Charles Southerland, Susan Delaney Spear, and Frederick Turner.  Rothman and Spear, important scholars regarding versification, are also fine poets.

There was a marvelous symposium via Zoom conducted by Jan Schreiber and Brian Palmer, with a fine crew of presenters and poets, including six in this issue of EPO.  An effort will be made to contact more interested parties regarding next year's symposium (sponsored by THINK journal).

Poetry:  Select to see new and past postings.

Essays:  Joseph S. Salemi's essay "Culture Vultures"; and a reprint of Arthur Mortensen's 2003  essay "Reflections on the Universal in Art"  

Reviews:  From Trinacria, Arthur Mortensen's "Looking Back At Edwin Morgan"

Archives:  Divided into two sections, New and Old.   

Online Prosody As of now this will remain in the Old archives until editing and rewrite are complete. 


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