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April may be cruel but still looks and smells great when the magnolia trees sprout blossoms over already glowing forsythia, crocuses, daffodils, hiacinths, and tulips.  Trees, undamaged by a late and brief frost, push out their thousands of buds.  Cherry blossoms start to appear.  It may be barely forty-five degrees, but flowering plants are oblivious while some of us still wear winter coats.  This morning I passed three dogwoods freshly bloomed.  Fortunately, seasons don't depend upon superannuated leaders to guide their progress.

Poems this month are from C.B. Anderson, Bruce Bennett, Susan Jarvis Bryant, Sally Cook, Michael Curtis, Robert Darling, Steven Duplij, Claudia Gary, Arthur Mortensen, Wade Newman, Bryan Palmer, Carolyn Raphael, Jennifer Reeser, Joseph S. Salemi, Charles Southerland, Frederick Turner.  Dr. Salemi, in addition to new poems, offers an essay on re-using old subject matter.

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