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Weather forecasters and other reporters, including astronomers, not to mention calendar publishers, and the fact that the Webmaster is working in the northern hemisphere in April, suggest that this season is spring.  Really!  Last night thirteen inches of snow fell in Binghamton, with a range of depths elsewhere not far north of where I'm writing.  There are good signs in New York City: daffodils; forsythia; tulips; roses; buds threatening to leave on trees, etc. Robins have made their appearance, though so far only in a local social club's back yard.  That one may have been the first wise guy robin I've observed,  perhaps not an ordinary robin, so I will continue looking in those local parks not overrun by dogs.  Further squeezing a mood for spring, temperatures today ranged in the 40's, which is more like March (and well before the 21st).  Nonetheless, Easter for many of us came last Sunday.  If this is spring, it's of a variety not often experienced in New York.  Further, if there's a report of expansion of the Arctic's sea ice in the next week or two, I may relocate to Florida.  That notwithstanding, we have poems by Bruce Bennett, Susan Bryant, Sally Cook, Michael Curtis, Robert Darling,  Stephen Duplij, Claudia Gary,  Webmaster Arthur Mortensen, the late Tim Murphy, Carolyn Raphael, Jennifer Reeser, Joseph S. Salemi, Charles Southerland, and Frederick Turner.  Baseball parody poet Gary LaPointe announced his official retirement on April 1st.  Dr. Salemi, in addition to his poems, offers an essay on an American trait that might be fairly described as "golly-gee!" optimism. 

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