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Without warning, and with still no subsequent notice (except a splendid eulogy by Phyllis Chesler), one of the founders of the Expansive Poetry movement, and friend and colleague for a long time, Frederick Feirstein passed away on the 18th of January.  There are related postings in News, and from Frederick Turner, Feirstein's friend for half a century, and Claudia Gary, who'd been friends with the poet, screenwriter, playwright, and psychoanalyst for decades.  Others may follow.

Other Early Winter 2020 postings include an overdue consideration of the poetry of Dr. Samuel Johnson by Joseph S. Salemi.  In Poetry, this month brings several poems regarding Frederick Feirstein (Turner and Gary), and new postings from Bruce Bennett, Sally Cook, Michael Curtis, E.S. Frese, jr., Charles Southerland and the Webmaster.  Other additions are likely to follow.  

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Essays:  Few remember Dr. Samuel Johnson as a poet, but Joseph S. Salemi has a fresh look. 

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News:  Frederick Feirstein, 1940-2020, thoughts on his passing. 

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