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Brooklyn's spring, with rushes of wind (not to mention hot air from politicians) has stepped hesitatingly away from a winter most are happy to see depart.  Crocuses peeked through fall's now rotten leaves first, pursued by sparse forsythia and the first signs of apple and cherry blossom buds.  A noisy, wintry March barely spared the early buds, temperatures holding just north of freezing. But now, as we endure another week of light rain and gray skies, brilliant forsythia clusters, glowing flowers on magnolias, lots of yellow daffodils and jonquils, a little bit of green grass, cherry blossoms, even a few roses, and increasing leaf cover have announced that -- yes! -- the winter has left and spring is here.  However, forecasters unwilling to let go of the prior season are suggesting that snow may fall for half a day in the near future.  I wish those snowflakes well; I doubt they'll last long enough to coat a single car's hood -- far less than the impact of snowflakes on college and corporate administrations.  All of this is a lovely contrast to the bleak and bloody political storms across the world.  EPO hopes to add a few blooms to nature's growing spring anthology.

Poems this month come from C.B. Anderson, Bruce Bennett, Susan Jarvis Bryant, Sally Cook, Michael Curtis, Robert Darling, Steven Duplij, Claudia Gary, Andrea Kibel, Gjek Marinaj, Arthur Mortensen, Brian Palmer, Jennifer Reeser, David Rothman, Joseph S. Salemi, Jan Schreiber, Charles Southerland, and Frederick Turner. 

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Steven Duplij,  Poephysics; Time;
Frederick Turner, Introduction to Teach Me To Whisper:  Horses and Other Poems, by Gjek Marinaj

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