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For early fall 2019 postings on E.P.O., we have a review by Robert Darling of Andrew Wynn Owen's debut collection, The Multiverse, and an essay by Joseph S. Salemi on the once-scandalous Algernon Charles Swinburne. In Poetry, this month brings new postings by Bruce Bennett, Claudia Gary, Frederick Feirstein, E.S. Frese, jr., Frederick Turner, Carolyn Raphael, Michael Curtis, Charles Southerland, Joseph S. Salemi, Sally Cook,  and the Webmaster.  (Previously posted poems are still there). Other additions may follow.      

Poetry:  In addition to new poems and permitted reprints, we will sometimes post poems from writers of other eras. 

Essays:  discussions of prosody, rhetoric, style, reference -- whatever contributors want to explore related to the creation of poetry and the atmosphere surrounding this ancient art today.

Reviews:  coverage of new, recent or much older work that has been ignored for two long,

News:  coverage of the current scene in writing, performing and publishing poetry.   

Archives:  Divided into two sections, New and Old.   

Online Prosody As of now this will remain in the Old archives until editing and rewrite are complete.  Active with start of new section.

As noted on the original announcement, contributions will be by assignment, as we do not have the resources to manage online submissions.