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FALL 2021 

The season changes, as usual with no concern for what we think of as human problems.  It's often a soft tide, a storm with the loudest wind one of waves of changing color 'mid late whispers of the past summer with a somber mix of rain and gray sky.  Skiers and ice skaters among us will be happy when a few months of less and less tepid temperatures drag in winter with its slush, slippery sidewalks, and yellow snow (Romantics see other aspects to a season the author personally detests)  But fall is lovely, in part because we make it so with poems and songs.  Keats' "Ode to Autumn" is on of the most glorious, but there are thousands of others to read and enjoy.  Some are posted here for EPO's latest.  Most names will be familiar:  Bruce Bennett; Susan Bryant; Sally Cook; Michael Curtis; Steven Duplij; Claudia Gary; Gary C. LaPointe (though retired now, new to EPO); Carolyn Raphael; Jennifer Reeser; Joseph Salemi; Charles Southerland; and Frederick Turner.  We also have Frederick Turner's look at the late Frederick Feirstein's posthumous release, Time's Refugee. 

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