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Summer's leaving no doubt in Brooklyn.  A week short of a month in, the temperature has ranged to 90F outside under sunny skies.  It went to 90F yesterday and will touch 90F tomorrow. Sunflowers are blooming, as are irises, cleome, roses, tiger lilies, and more.  Children are flooding sidewalks and parks, with parents, nannies and dogs in tow.  The Mayor assures us from a popular club that the city is coming back, but office buildings more than half empty suggest another narrative might be truer.   

This warm season, we have poems by Bruce Bennett, Susan Bryant, Sally Cook, Michael Curtis, Steven Duplij, Claudia Gary,  Webmaster Arthur Mortensen, Wade Newman, Jennifer Reeser, Joseph S. Salemi, Jan Schreiber, Charles Southerland, and Frederick Turner.  Baseball parody poet Gary LaPointe has denied rumors of a comeback.  Dr. Salemi, in addition to his poems, offers an essay on breaching an unspoken but powerful moral code when writing.   

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