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For the first of 2019's postings on E.P.O., we have an essay by Joseph S. Salemi on the poet A.H. Clough, poems from eight writers including the Webmaster, with hopes for developing the Reviews and News section in the next few weeks.  Active sections onsite are Poetry, Essays, Archives and Online Prosody.  The latter two will remain visible as editing proceeds.   

For now the links below to News and Reviews will bring you to a page marked as Under Construction.

As noted on the original announcement, contributions will be by assignment, as we do not have the resources to manage online submissions.  Sections again:

Poetry:  new and reprinted work by contemporary poets of particular interest to this site, including Suzanne Noguere, Frederick Turner, Carolyn Raphael, Clauda Gary, Austin MacRae, Jennifer Reeser, and Michael Curtis.  More than occasionally we will post poems from writers of other eras.

Essays:  discussions of prosody, rhetoric, style, reference -- whatever contributors want to explore related to the creation of poetry and the atmosphere surrounding this ancient art today.

Reviews:  coverage of new, recent or much older work that has been ignored for two long, Currently inactive.

News:  coverage of the current scene in writing, performing and publishing poetry. Currently inactive. 

Archives:  Divided into two sections, New and Old.  Active. 

Online Prosody As of now this will remain in the Old archives until editing and rewrite are complete.  Active.