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A troubled year goes on, with a police murder on national television, subsequent nationwide demonstrations and rioting, and society and economy coming back to life after the lockdown of nearly three months.  NB: "Lockdown" is a prison management word, and one can't help but wonder what leaders and bureaucrats are thinking as they employ a type of language more suited to San Quentin than to a modern society. 

Summer 2020 postings include a review of Jennifer Reeser's new book by Dr. Robert Darling (Reviews), Joseph S. Salemi's consideration of Rudyard Kipling, one of the late 19th and early 20th centuries' most prolific poets (Essays).  In Poetry, we have poems by Sally Cook, Michael Curtis, Robert Darling,  E.S. Frese, jr., Claudia Gary, Peter Y. Paik, Charles Southerland, Frederick Turner, and the Webmaster, with hopes we may gather more in the next few days.

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Essays:  Dr. Salemi on Rudyard Kipling. 

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As noted on the original announcement, contributions will be by assignment, as we do not have the resources to manage online submissions.