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While bureaucrats across the world try to impress upon us the necessity of abandoning freedom of movement and association, not to mention freedom of worship, education of our children, and, for many, making a living, all in the name of protecting us from an illness that has, at present, a better than 98% recovery rate, nature moves along her ordinary paths.  Spring has just about pushed aside the last of winter.  Magnolias, tulips, daffodils, crocuses, forsythia, not to mention leaves and lawns, are emerging from the dull background of mulch and empty branches to light the sky and perfume the air.  In the northeast in America, the air is still bracing in the morning, and sometimes during the afternoon.  But no doubt -- spring is here. 

For this spring release, we have poems from C.B. Anderson, Bruce Bennett, Susan Jarvis Bryant, Sally Cook, Michael Curtis, Steven Duplij, E.S. Frese, jr., Claudia Gary, Pierpaola Isoldi, Wade Newman, Carolyn Raphael, Jennifer Reeser, Joseph S. Salemi, Charles Southerland, Frederick Turner and the Webmaster.   Joseph S. Salemi has an essay on the imposition of business assessment standards on academic life, which certainly affects university writing programs (and their students and professors).  

There was an online presentation celebrating the late Frederick Feirstein just recently.  Organized as part of the online West Chester Conference on Poetry, hosted by poet Claudia Gary, a video may soon be available.  EPO will let you know.

Poet and physicist Steven Duplij was award the Bunin Award from the Russian Union of Writers for 2021.

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Essays:  Joseph S. Salemi writes on a monster that's come to colleges and universities -- assessment.

Reviews:  Reviews of William G. Carpenter's Eϸandun, and Karen Kelsa's Of Omens That Flitter.

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